4 Website Builder Programs that are Free

by Melanie Citron

You decided that you want to start a blog or website but you don’t know how. Don’t worry. With website builder programs, creating your own website has never been easier!

Website Builder Programs

Website builder programs are not just a set of editing tools; they are solutions for business people. You don’t have to spend money on programmers and web designers to create your website anymore. The following 4 website building programs will save you time and money and allow even the most non-technical of people to create, design, and manage websites.


WordPress is an open source blog publishing application that is used for basic content management. This free application is suitable for small businesses, which are always looking for ways to cut spending. The WordPress program includes a virtually unlimited number of templates, plugins, and themes, and has become increasingly popular because of its simplicity and functionality.

WordPress is very easy to install and use, especially for individuals who are not technically savvy. You simply download the WordPress program onto your computer, find a web host, and begin creating your site.

A unique feature of the WordPress software is that you can switch hosts if you need to. Many website building programs force you stay with a single host, which can damaging if you choose the wrong host. The portability of WordPress is essential.

If you install WordPress with the BlueHost webhosting service, you’ll get unlimited file storage and a quality web server.

WordPress also includes SEO plugins for Google searches. This allows WordPress authors to be more visible to their audiences.

WordPress is one of the only free website builder programs that is actually free, long-term, and not just as a trial. Definitely an advantage!


Intuit/Homestead is another website builder that is suitable for small businesses, who want their website up and running quickly.

It is inexpensive and available for free for 30 days. After the 30 days, it costs between $4.99 for a basic package and $19.95 a month for a business package.

Intuit/Homestead makes it easy to set up and create your website without hassle. With over 2000 templates available, it allows for convenient website design, hosting, e-commerce and marketing. If time is an issue you can have your website customized to your needs by the Inuit/Homestead professionals at a nominal fee.


Site2You has a different approach to building a free website. Site2You offers a free 7-day trial. After the trial period it costs between $19.95 and $49.95 a month to manage your site.

This advanced website builder lets anyone create and manage websites quickly and successfully. This allows you to design a website with unlimited pages for one flat fee.

Site Studio

Site Studio is a browser-based solution for website design and construction. Hosting providers can install Site Studio’s software on their servers to help users build professional-looking websites without technical knowledge.

Site Studio provides a simple to use step-by-step instructional guide, regarding choices of color, style, and images; and there are over a thousand customized templates to choose from.

About the author: Melanie Citron is a freelance author who wants the web to be open to everyone. She regularly researches and writes about great free or low cost resources to help all have a great presence on the web. See more of her writing at BuildMySiteforFree.com.

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