10 Free WordPress Plugins to Explode Your WordPress Website Community

One of the best things about your WordPress website is the exposure it has to the world, and the many resources available to help build your community. Adding user-friendly plugins will generate a community of users for your site that will continue to grow.

The tools you have at your disposal can make it easy for you to increase your sales, your site members, your discussions and more. Knowing which ones will make the biggest difference when there are so many to choose from can be tricky, but here are ten plugins that every WordPress website user should know about.

You can find all 10 Plugins in our onsite directory.

1. Mobile Press

This plugin makes your site as useful to someone visiting from a mobile device as one visiting from his or her computer. You can customize your site for mobile viewing and even track mobile views.

2. Wapple Mobile Architect

Since not all mobile devices work the same or use the same web programs, it only makes sense to customize your site to work with individual devices. This plugin does that for you, offering consistency for your mobile viewers.

3. WordPress Wiki

This plugin allows you to create a wiki within WordPress.

4. TDO Mini Forms

With this plugin, you can create customizable forms that let your members and users submit posts that you can approve or disapprove for publication to your site.

5. Members

This plugin is great if you have multiple users contributing to your site. It allows you to set boundaries for users, and determine what capabilities and role each user or member has, and allows you greater control over your content.

6. WP e-Commerce

The e-Commerce plugin for WordPress provides you with a full-feature shopping cart to accommodate sales on your site or for collecting required fees.

7. eShop

Another e-Commerce tool, but this one gives you more flexibility, allowing downloads, sales completed through email, as well as shipping options for products. It also includes an auto-responder for completed sales.

8. Business Directory

Let your customers input their own business information that you can include in a directory right on your site. Users can include descriptions of their business, URLs, contact information, and any other information you want to make available. This can also be a powerful SEO tool for your site.

9. Calendar

Make a calendar available on your site to list upcoming events, sales, and appointments. You can list multiple events per day, and users can see the details of each event, by either clicking on the date or hovering over the date with their pointer.

10. Social Bookmarks

One of the best ways to promote your site or business is through social sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. This plugin allows visitors to post your site to their social networking page, making it visible to all of their friends and followers.

While there are many powerful plugins you can include on your WordPress website, the tools you use will depend on the type of site you have, and can determine the reach and impact of your site will have to the online community.

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