10 Awesome WordPress Sites

When you download your website builder and create your WordPress website, don’t fool yourself into thinking that WordPress is only a platform for small scale bloggers.  The sky is the limit with WordPress and celebrities, politicians and huge corporations are using it to power their websites and blogs.  Everyone from Yahoo to CNN, Ford to Playstation, musician Thomas Dolby to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi… these are just a few of the giants using WordPress to build their websites.

If you have a WordPress site, there’s no better way to learn about the infinite possibilities and beautiful design features this software has to offer than to learn from the best sites already out there.  So we’ve trawled the internet to find you 10 absolutely awesome WordPress sites to inspire you to get creative with your site.

  1. Yodel Anecdotal: this is Yahoo’s corporate blog where you can go behind the scenes at Yahoo and find out more about the company, market trends and information about their users.  Simple, eye catching and effortless to navigate.  A great model for any blog.
  2. CNN Political Ticker:  this is a WordPress.com VIP Hosting Site that really shows you what WordPress can do.  It takes the essence of blogging and makes keeping people up to the minute on what’s going on in the political scene both easy to follow and engaging and interesting.
  3. ChickSpeak: this site projects a friendly, professional image that is perfect for the target market of young women going through college.  More of a social networking website you’re bound to pick up plenty of ideas on how to format your own site and create engaging content for your readers.
  4. The Gavel: this is the website of Nancy Pelosi, the first female Speaker of the House of Representatives.  This site really proves how WordPress can be used to project a professional image that can help to raise the power of your message.
  5. Delicious: Days: as professional and slick as any website you’ll find on the internet, this food site is beautifully presented, using an elegant theme alongside high quality images.  This site really proves how powerful WordPress can be.
  6. Fernwood Coffee:  simple yet beautiful.  This is a really great site to look at if you’ve just downloaded your website builder and are worried you won’t be able to project a professional image with your website.  You don’t need to have a blog on your site and can just as easily use WordPress to run your business website.
  7. Ecoki: this is an eco-friendly lifestyle community website that showcases its content brilliantly.  Really easy to navigate, with a nicely set out homepage and images to grab your attention.
  8. Adaptik:  a corporate website that’s clean, simple and portrays the brand in a professional and eye grabbing manner.  This site is a great inspiration for anyone deciding whether WordPress is the right platform for their company website.
  9. University of Colorado at Boulder: this university website demonstrates how WordPress is perfect for educational websites, both as a promotional tool and for linking students.  Great choice of theme alongside relevant and interesting content.
  10. Welovewp: this is a brilliant site to look at before you begin to use your website builder and create your WordPress site.  It showcases some of the best WordPress sites around and will fill you with inspiration and ideas for developing your own site.  Plus it’s also an awesome site in its own right and is also powered by WordPress.
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Melanie Citron is a freelance writer and self proclaimed “techie” who lives in Denver with her husband, Glenn, and their three dogs Ralph, Sam and Billy. Melanie has become the “go to person” for creating online businesses for her friends and family. “I do it every day so I may as well write about it” Her knowledge has appeared on websites, in local newspapers and in person as a public speaker. In her spare time Melanie loves the outdoors and hikes and cross country skis.