TAG: Clickbank plugins

  • Clickbank In-Text Affiliate Links Plugin

    UContext WordPress Plugin is a free service that locates keywords in your content and turns them into affiliate links that take your visitors to contextually related Clickbank offers with your affiliate ID. Instead of a couple cents per click why not make $15, $20, or more per sale with one of the most popular affiliate systems in the world.

  • WordPress Clickbank Integration Plugin

    WordPress Clickbank integration plugin is a simple WordPress plugin which allows you to sell any clickbank product from your blog. With WordPress Clickbank Integration you can easily create a Buy Now button on a page or post and sell your clickbank products to the customers securely.

  • WP ClickBank Ad Display Plugin

    This WordPress plugin creates an widget to display ClickBank keyword sensitive ad on your wordpress blog. This plugin gives you an option for a widget which displays ClickBank keyword targeted ads. Please visit WP Clilckbank Ad Display  for more details on this plugin.