TAG: affiliate plugins

  • 123 Linkit Affiliate Plugin

    Generate money easily from your blog by transforming brand names and product keywords into affiliate links. No need to apply to affiliate networks or programs. Just install the plugin, sync your posts and we’ll automatically add relevant, money-making affiliate links to your blog. 15% of  your affiliate income goes to the plugin creator.

  • Affiliate Easel for Amazon Plugin

    This is an affiliate helper plugin and site builder for Amazon.com affiliates.  Easily include affiliate links, images, prices and related data easily in your WordPress site. You can insert products quickly within posts as well as install a search widget to search Amazon from any page. You can create multi-page categories or featured product pages.

  • Clickbank In-Text Affiliate Links Plugin

    UContext WordPress Plugin is a free service that locates keywords in your content and turns them into affiliate links that take your visitors to contextually related Clickbank offers with your affiliate ID. Instead of a couple cents per click why not make $15, $20, or more per sale with one of the most popular affiliate systems in the world.

  • Commission Junction Datafeed to Widget Plugin

     This Portaljumper.com WordPress plugin creates a widget will take any Commission Junction (affiliate network) datafeed and convert it to an automated randomly rotating picture widget. Every image and every link will be an affiliate link. Once your visitor clicks the image or link your cookie is set on the visitors computer.

  • Lane66.com Affiliate PRO Plugin

    Lane66 is a free WordPress affiliate marketing plugin that provides true dynamically built product-pages, unlimited layouts, API connectors and post converters. Worthy of the tag “PRO”, while still being offered completely free of strings. Create shopping pages with hundreds of products. Built in csv feed uploader with manual override too.

  • LinkShare Dealfeed Plugin

    This Wordpress plugin uses offers from LinkShare Advertisers to automatically populate your WordPress blog.  Set up the plug-in once, and the plugin will automatically display the latest promotional information provided by the Advertiser. It uses information from the Coupon API and the RSS feeds to automatically populate your site or blog.

  • Skimlinks Affiliate Marketing Tool Plugin

    Skimlinks WordPress plugin helps you easily monetize content by converting product links in your post into their equivalent affiliate links on-the-fly. Skimlinks takes away all the effort usually associated with affiliate marketing, working behind-the-scenes and earning you commissions from the valuable links you include in your posts.

  • WordPress Clickbank Integration Plugin

    WordPress Clickbank integration plugin is a simple WordPress plugin which allows you to sell any clickbank product from your blog. With WordPress Clickbank Integration you can easily create a Buy Now button on a page or post and sell your clickbank products to the customers securely.

  • WP Affiliate Plugin

    Easy affiliate link masking and more. Now Featuring: Commission Junction Search Capabilities! Click Tracking!