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Here’s how to get Your Blog or Website Created right now!


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The option to have our experts set up your WordPress Blog or Website for free is explained at the bottom of this page.

Click on this link to open a new window and start the process!

Step 1: Select Your Web Hosting Plan

Choose the web hosting plan you want: Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan, and Business Plan.

Step 2: Select Your Domain Name

In the open Hostgator window, either choose to register a new domain name (Hostgator includes your first domain name for free) or use a domain name you already own.

Select a domain name that will be used only to identify your account.

It doesn’t need to be anything clever or catchy, because you will not be using it to create a website. Essentially the name you pick for your domain name for your main account becomes the file folder name in which your other domain names will reside. Examples you can select: Again, it doesn’t matter what it is, it is just a placeholder.



If you already have a domain name you’d like to use for your site, type it in the right side box. Once you complete the sign up process Hostgator will send you instructions how to transfer your current domain name to Hostgator.

Note: Our service does not include logging into your domain name registrar and pointing your domain name to Hostgator. If you aren’t sure how to do this yourself, we recommend registering a new domain instead similar to the ones we suggested above.



Enter the coupon code “buildmysitenow” and pay ONLY $.01 for your first month of hosting

The wordpress coupon takes $9.94 off any new hosting purchase by a new customer. Use this for any initial order totaling $49.70 or less (new customers only).

Once you’re done entering your domain name and Coupon Code, click on “Continue to step 2.”

Step 3: Almost done!

The form you see in the new browser window is hosted on Hostgator’s servers and is 100% secure.

  1. Fill out all of the relevant information in the form.
  2. Enter your name, address, phone number, and billing information.
  3. Check the “I have read and agree to the terms of conditions of use”

Once you’re done entering your billing information, click on “Create Account” at the bottom of the page.

Thank you! You have completed the web host sign up process.

Step 3: Install WordPress to Create Your Website by Clicking Here

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Step 3A:  Have Our Experts Install WordPress for your Blog or Website for Free – click here after you have signed up for hosting

If there’s a problem, please submit a support ticket to us and one of our staff members will respond within 24 hours.

Thank you for choosing BuildMySiteforFree.com! We are confident you will love your new website or blog!