How to Build My Own Website With Pictures and Slideshows in WordPress

Did you know that over half the people that click on your website will probably leave in less than 10 seconds?  So if you want them to stay long enough to read a post, click on an ad or buy one of your products, you’d better make sure you grab their attention… and FAST! 

Adding pictures and slideshows to your posts and pages is a great way of hooking your readers and sparking their interest in what you have to say and offer.  So here are 5 simple strategies for adding images and slideshows to your WordPress website.

1.  How to Build My Own Website with SlideShare Presentations

One of the simplest ways of adding slideshows to your site is by installing the SlideShare plug in, which is available to download for free from our resources page.  It allows you to embed SlideShare presentations and documents into any post by simply using the embed code. 

With over 25 million monthly visitors, SlideShare is a business media website for sharing presentations, ideas and generating leads for your business. Often presentations end up being shared around social media like a viral, so this plug in gives you so much more than just a way of adding images and slides to your website.  All you’ll need to do is sign up for a free account and then install the plug in. 

2.  Featured Content Gallery

This plug in makes it so easy to display a slideshow, giving your visitors the chance to see all your products and photos without even having to make a single click.  You can literally put whatever you want in the slideshow, from photos to text displays, ads to blog posts. 

The Featured Content Gallery creates an automated, fully rotating slideshow you can customize however you like and place on any page or post.  You can change the gallery size, color, size or transition, creating an individualized slideshow that suits your website.  The plug in also comes with a free installation, set up and instructional video to ensure you get the most from the software.

3.  Add Images With NextGEN Gallery

Another really great plug in to use if you’re thinking I’d like to build my own website with pictures and slideshows.  You can create a flash slideshow to add to any post or page, with the ability to handle multiple galleries, albums and images.  If you’ve got a lot of images you’d like to display or even sell through your website, the NextGEN Gallery plug in comes highly recommended. 

4.  (a) Slideshow

This is a simple plug in that allows you to easily insert a slideshow into your blog posts.  You can use either images or a powerful presentation to give your readers more information about a topic or issues.  It creates dynamic yet fully controllable slideshows that can be customized to suit the style of your blog.  If you’re looking for something simple yet functional, the (a) Slideshow plug in is a really good option.

5.  WP Content Slideshow

Don’t forget that using a slideshow can also be a great way to showcase your top quality content.  Some of the most successful bloggers will tell you that anyone who decides I’m going to build my own website needs to be prepared for a lot of hard work and dedication.  So you want to make the best of your content and take your readers direct to your highest earning pages and posts. 

The WP Content Slideshow plug in displays up to 5 posts in a dynamic Javascript slideshow, which you can display on your front page.  Each slide has an image to captivate the message of the post, alongside the title and a small description of the content. 

You also get a powerful admin centre for the plug in, where you can change the color scheme, number of posts to display and width and height.  This plug in is an excellent slideshow addition to any blog, that’s sure to engage your readers in your top class content.   It’s available to download for free from our resources page, as are the rest of the plug ins mentioned in this article.

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