6 Steps to Launch Your WordPress Website Now

In addition to the concise directions below you can also download a more detailed Ebook that will walk you through the WordPress Setup process.  To download the book click here.

In 6 quick steps you can have your website up and running:

  1. You’ll need a domain name:
    1. choose one with a keyword or descriptive of your business—ie: abcwholesaleshoes.com,  parsippanypizza.com etc.
    2. or if you are well known or want to build a brand name try your name.
    3. More Questions visit: How to Choose a Domain Name
  2. You’ll need to check to see if the domain name you want is available.  You can do that at buildmysiteforfree.com/whois
  3.  Now you need web hosting—place to locate your website on the internet-
    1. We have a special deal for you: $.01 for the first month at our recommended host, Hostgator.   Hostgator has 24 hour US based telephone technical support.  We host many of our websites with them.  Click here to order hosting with the $.01 offer.
  4.  Once you have your hosting account
    1. you need to change the Name Server settings for your domain name so that your Internet will know where to send your visitors.
    2. You will do this where you registered the domain (godaddy, register.com etc.)
    3. The Name Server information you need will be in your Hostgator welcome email.  It will be something like NS9999.Hostgator.com (don’t use this one!)
    4. You will have 2 name server settings.
    5. Sometimes it can take up to 24 hours or more, in some cases, for your domain name to work on your site.
    6. So you may have to wait before you are able to install wordpress.
  5. Next step is to go back to your web host and use the control panel to install wordpress.
  6. Once wordpress is installed you need to
    1. clean up the default pages and add some key plugins so that your site will be ready to go.
    2. We have the list of these plugins and the links to get them on our website.  It will be on the buildmysiteforfree.com/wordpress_resources/page.
  7. Now you want to find a theme that you like.
    1. There are thousands of themes to choose from.  We have over 1,000 themes to view right on our website at buildmysitefrofree.com/themes.
    2. Or just go into google and type wordpress themes for zillions of choices.
  8. Install the theme of your choice
  9. Install the 14 must have plugins
  10. Delete the dummy pages like Hello World.
  11. Now you’re ready to go!