5 Plug Ins to Explode Search Rankings Using Interlinks

Interlinking your blog content is a highly effective SEO tactic that can boost search engine ranking through keyword-rich internal links between your webpages.  This allows search engine spiders to navigate your content more easily and go through all of your inner pages looking for relevant keywords.  It’s like providing a map of your website for the search engines and a chauffeur to take them where you want them to go.

The result is better optimization and search engine ranking success for every webpage, even the older posts which you may have uploaded months or even years ago. This can help to skyrocket your blog income, as more visitors arrive at your site and click-through rates are boosted dramatically.  

If you’re using WordPress as your free website builder program, there are some really great interlink plug ins, which make the job of creating internal links much quicker and easier.  Here are 5 of the most useful and effective plug ins to create interlinks, which are all available to download for free from our resources page:

1.   SEO Smart Links

This user-friendly plug in automatically links keywords and phrases in your posts by matching them with post titles, which it then uses to create links.  Although this is an automatic plug in, it gives you a fair amount of control over how to interlink your content.  For example, you can choose which type of content to interlink, including posts, categories, tags and webpages.   You can also select the maximum number of links to create on each page or for each keyword, as well as excluding specific pages. 

2.  Insights

When writing new blog posts some website builders also like to manually link to older content, to have greater control over interlinks.  This plug in is really useful because it allows you to quickly find related posts, saving you the effort of searching your entire website. You can then easily insert links to your related posts.  This plug in also allows you to add Flickr images, Youtube videos and Google maps. 

3.  RB Internal Links

Another great interlink plug in that makes it very easy to connect all your webpages and posts, without having to use the full URL.  It also gives you the option to search your old posts by category to find suitable posts to link to.  What’s also particularly great about this plug in is that it prevents the need to go back and change all your internal links if you change the linking structure of your site.

4.  InLinks

This is a really simple, yet effective plug in that allows website builders to link a specific keyword with a designated URL.  Then every time you use that keyword, wherever it is on your website, it will automatically create a link to the specified URL and webpage.  For example, if you use the keyword phrase “Contact Me Today” and set up a link to your Contact page, every time you type this keyword phrase into your new blog posts it will automatically create a hyperlink to your Contact Page.  This can save you loads of time and effort, leaving you the time to concentrate on creating great content. 

5.  Broken Link Checker

Finally if you’re interlinking a lot of your blog content (as well as creating plenty of external links, also great for SEO) it’s important to keep a check on broken links.  Sometimes as a website builder you need to change a post title or URL to improve SEO, which can end up in a broken link. 

The last thing you want is for people to click on a link and a 404 error message comes up, telling them the webpage is unavailable.  This can be disastrous for SEO and prevent visitors from wanting to come back to your site.  This plug in detects broken links and notifies you of any through the Broken Link Checker widget.  You can then edit any broken links, remove the link or manually check the link and set the status as “unbroken” if appropriate.  For more information on how to fix broken links, this article has all the answers.  

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